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Trees are nature’s best gift! They make your surroundings more enjoyable and peaceful! Your trees, however, come with the responsibility of maintenance and care! Are you looking for a tree expert for your tree upkeep? Then, Tree Masters is a reliable choice! We are a trusted tree service team. We serve our valued clients across the area and deliver exceptional results! We work for both commercial and residential clients!

Our Services

Palm Trimming

Palm Trimming
The beauty and aesthetics of palm trees are unmatched, especially in commercial properties! They give your home and business area a unique look! Overgrown palm tree branches can become a nuisance and a breeding ground for pests! We offer professional palm tree trimming services to ensure your palm tree is gorgeous and healthy throughout the year!

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Trimming is a crucial step in all tree upkeep routines! Unruly branches take away the aesthetic look of your tree and pose health risks! Get rid of uneven limbs and help your trees grow uniformly with our excellent tree trimming service! We have adequate knowledge in trimming, ensuring a safe and prompt service! So why wait any longer?

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding
Leftover tree stumps look unsightly and present various risks! Tree stumps can pose tripping hazards for your children. They also hinder your future landscaping plans and risk nearby trees if infected with pests! We can expertly remove your trees with our impeccable stump grinding service! We use modern tools and efficient techniques to ensure flawless results!

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Have a damaged and broken tree on your landscape? Want to remove a tree that is dangerously close to power lines or your roof? Then, don’t hesitate to call us today! We offer a professional tree removal service to our clients! We remove all kinds of trees efficiently and safely! We make a customized plan to ensure your property is not harmed during the process!


Beautifully installed and maintained landscapes boost your property’s aesthetics by many folds! Whether you are looking for a proper landscaping design or want to maintain the features of your current landscape, leaving those tasks to pros can be the best option! We offer outstanding landscaping services to all our customers!


Why Choose Us?

Working around trees, whether you need an affordable tree cutting service or stump grinding, can be hazardous and time-consuming! Leaving such tasks to our pros can save you time and keep your property safe from any harm! Moreover, our pros have the proper tools and skills to ensure your complete satisfaction! Our experts can help your tree thrive throughout the year without you having to lift a finger!

How Do We Work?

Our work starts with an honest and transparent consultation. It helps us identify your tree needs and devise a customized plan. We then offer a free service estimate. Once you are happy with our pricing, our team will reach your property to inspect your tree’s condition and offer an appropriate solution! Our meticulous work will surely impress you at every step.

Area That We Serve

Apart from the Mcallen, TX area, we also serve our clients in the following locations:

  • Hidalgo, TX
  • Alamo, TX
  • Alton, TX
  • Donna, TX
  • La Homa, TX

Are you searching for a reliable partner for tree branch removal and related services in Mcallen, TX and surrounding areas? Then, end your search with Tree Masters. We offer excellent tree-related solutions to our valued clients. Contact us today without hesitation!

Client Testimonials
by William Dedic on Tree Masters
Palm Tree Nicely Done

We had German trim out palm tree, and haul away the debris. Did a real nice and professional job!

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